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 The Rulez... Main

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Are all of these rules fair?
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some, but not all
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i don't think a few are fair
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You left something out
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PostSubject: The Rulez... Main   Thu Aug 26, 2010 10:30 pm

The rules are important. They keep this site safe. The rules are as follows. Any violators will be warned. Certain rules will result in immediate ban.

No Spamming
Spamming is not allowed. No spamming is permitted, and anyone found spamming is deleted. This also includes posing as a staff member. We do keep files of ALL staff members. No unofficial polls, emails, etc. THIS WILL OCCUR IN IMMEDIATE BAN.

No Inapropriate Content

Content visual/written/etc. may not have and sexual content PERIOD. This a clean site. Any content of written sexual content and/or pictures will be deleted, and result in immediate ban. Profanity must be kept to a minimum. They must be blocked as well. Example; ***.

Insulting, Put-downs, Etc.

Insulting and hurting players (emotionally, no one on here can physically hurt you) is not permitted. Putting down, or making another player feel low will occur in ban. NO insulting. We as staff don't know inside jokes, and etc. Constructive criticism is allowed, but be nice about it.

Keep to English

We understand speaking little of other languages. In occ chats, pm's, and in roleplays are alloud. KEEP AT A CERTAIN MINIMUN IN ROLEPLAYS. Not all of us understand french, german, japanese, etc. If you must use another language, include it's english meaning in paranthesis. This way we all may participate and understand. NO inapropriate content in other languages included.

Bad Grammer/Un-detailed Content

To be here, we expect you to write correctly. This means all posts must be in detail. Work hard on a character and on a topic. There MUST be detail. example

Lilly's stride was full of excitement and purpose.


Lilly walked, happy, feeling good.

Grammer must be good. We understand mistakes, but you must try and spell check, and use correct sentence format.

Copyrighted Rules

All work the writer has written is immediately subjected to copyright for the author only. Only with permission are you permitted to use a phrase, idea, etc. that is under another authors influence. Any information and/or accusations of stealing will result in permanent ban. Immediately.

If you have read this then pm the staff the password. This way we knew you read it. If you send the password, and accidentally brake a rule, we may contact you. If you have not sent the password in, and broke a rule, you may not be contacted, and banned. Smarter to send in the password immediately.

PASSWORD: uhsumi

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The Rulez... Main
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